3 dogs

In support of the ongoing management of domestic dogs across Nhulunbuy, the Nhulunbuy Corporation has commenced the phasing out of 3 Dog permits.

Those who currently hold a 3-Dog-Permit will be grandfathered for the three dogs attached to the permit and continue to pay the annual fee until such time that any of the three dogs have passed away, transferred out or have become de-registered. This will result in the permit becoming revoked.

The NC has determined that the maximum number of dogs that are able to be kept on any premises within the town lease will be (2) two dogs. Random property dog audits continue to be conducted throughout the year, and residents are reminded that if there are more that two dogs found to be at any address, infringements may be issued.

Below is the extract from the NC Animal Control By-laws.

31        Requirement for licence

(1)   The Corporation may determine a maximum number of dogs, or dogs of a class of dog, that may be kept on premises without a licence.

(2)   An occupier of premises commits an offence if the occupier keeps dogs on the premises in contravention of clause (1).

       Maximum penalty:            20 penalty units.

(3)   An offence against clause (2) is an offence of strict liability.

(4)   The court may, in addition to any penalty imposed for the offence, impose a penalty not exceeding 1 penalty unit for each day during which the offence continues after the day the offence is committed.